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What is Migaloo?

Migaloo is a permissionless and open-source Proof-Of-Stake layer one blockchain built using the Cosmos SDK stack and CometBFT (formally Tendermint) consensus. Migaloo was founded by the WhiteWhale team. who initially launched their arbitrage dApp on Terra Classic. Since USTs depeg in early 2022, the team pivoted to building an interchain DEX to provide more stable prices across the IBC ecosystem and subsequently launched the Migaloo Blockchain which would become 'the hub' of the WhiteWhale protocol while also providing further utility to the WHALE coin.

What is WHALE?

WHALE is Migaloo Zone's native gas coin. WHALE is used to pay the transaction fees of the chain. WHALE is also the main asset used to secure the chain via staking to Validators who produce blocks and ensure the chain's liveliness.

Striving for Innovation

The Migaloo Zone, its founders, developers and community members are proud of the innovation which takes place on the chain. Migaloo was the first Cosmos chain to introduce ReStaking by leveraging the Alliance Module and allowing the ReStaking of LUNA liquid staking tokens. Since this innovation took place in early 2023, the chain has gone on to allow the staking of various assets including USDC derivatives, wBTC, LP tokens and more. To learn more about Migaloo's ReStaking capabilities please read: ReStaking (Alliance)

As well as being an industry leader in the ReStaking space, Migaloo also runs the latest Cosmos tech, ensuring both developers and users have the best experience most secure experience when using the chain.

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