Decentralised Governance

Migaloo is a decentralised Cosmos Layer One blockchain. Anyone can submit a governance proposal that can then be voted on by Validators and stakers. Blockchain governance is a vital part of Migaloo and most Cosmos chains. Governance allows the direction of the chain to be decided democratically and gives those with the most at stake to have a larger impact on the outcome of the vote.

Making a Proposal

Before a governance proposal is put on the chain for voting it is usually to hold discussions on the proposal beforehand in order to gain feedback, and insight and gauge the general sentiment for the proposal. Proposals can be posted and discussed on the Migaloo Community Forum hosted on Space Hall. Alternatively, there is a governance forum within the Migaloo discord.

Types of Proposal

The most common proposal types include:

  • Text Proposal - To handle other issues like large directional changes or any decision requiring manual implementation.

  • Software Upgrade - This can upgrade the core Carbon node at a specific block height.

  • Parameter Change Proposal - To change the parameters defined in each module.

  • Community Pool Spend Proposal - To spend funds in the community pool.

  • Create Alliance Proposal - Whitelists an asset to be added to the Alliance Module for ReStaking

Voting Options

All WHALE stakers are eligible to vote on proposals as long as they staked their WHALE before the proposal was submitted on-chain. Should a user not participate in the vote, they will automatically inherit their validator's choice (assuming their chosen validator/s has voted). If a staker does not vote on a governance prop there is no penalty, user do not forgo any rewards should they fail to partake in governance.


  • Yes - In favour of the proposition.

  • No - Against the proposition.

  • Abstain - Refuse to cast a vote but still participate towards quorum.

  • No with Veto - Against the proposition and the deposit should not be returned.

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