ReStaking (Alliance)

Migaloo was the first chain in Cosmos to enable the ReStaking of assets by leveraging the Alliance Module

Migaloo Zone is leading the way with its unique and innovative use of ReStaking made possible by the Cosmos SDK "Alliance Module". Migaloo has adapted and evolved the Alliance Module to suit its own unique needs. Initially, the Alliance module was designed for two sovereign blockchains to bootstrap each other's staking rewards for bigger chains to support smaller chains by supplementing the smaller chains staking rewards with more well-established, more liquid and less volatile assets and in reverse the bigger chain can diversify its staking rewards and reward its stakers with a wider variety of assets. Migaloo has leveraged the Alliance module to allow not only the ReStaking of other L1 coins but also Ecosystem tokens, and LP Tokens and has also democratised the process of listing new Tokens and how much inflation they receive by launching "ReStake DAO"


Alliance is an open-source Cosmos SDK module that leverages interchain staking to form economic alliances among blockchains. General information on the Alliance module can be found in the Overview and How it works sections. Visit the Integration guide to learn how to add Alliance to your chain. For detailed information on Alliance, visit the in-depth concepts section or the Technical specs.

Migaloo Alliance assets are decided by governance proposals. Any IBC assets can be listed via this process assuming the the voters (Validators and Stakers) agree to the proposal. The proposals to list an Alliance asset should provide information such as the Token Denom, "Take Rate" and "Reward Rate". See examples: #1, #2, #3.


Liquidity is a key part of any DeFi ecosystem, that's why Migaloo Zone has chosen to adopt the unique strategy of allowing liquidity pool tokens (LP) to be staked to the chain and earn a portion of Migaloo's staking rewards. This tactic bolsters the liquidity of the chain's flagship application, WhiteWhale (WW).

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