RIDE Program

Unlocking the Power of the Interchain.


Operating on a single blockchain exposes projects to risks and limitations. If the blockchain encounters issues, so does your application. If the blockchain’s ecosystem loses momentum, your app follows suit. To create a more resilient system, having a presence on multiple chains within the Interchain is crucial. White Whale, the industry leader with its live Interchain Liquidity Protocol on five Cosmos chains, introduces the RIDE program to help projects ambitiously scale with us and unlock their full potential. The White Whale team is the creator of the Migaloo blockchain, a permissionless CosmWasm blockchain with the latest technology in the Cosmos ecosystem. WHALE, the native token of the Migaloo chain, is the cornerstone of the whole ecosystem, spearheaded by its flagship application, the White Whale Interchain Liquidity Protocol. Migaloo made a groundbreaking accomplishment as the first-ever blockchain to implement cross-chain staking through Alliance.

Why Choose the RIDE Program?

Joining the White Whale RIDE Program offers numerous benefits, allowing teams to seamlessly scale and diversify their operations and expand to multiple chains. Participants can:

  1. Launch alongside White Whale’s satellite markets on all current and future smart contract platforms, ensuring a solid start in new markets.

  2. Gain instant access to the extensive White Whale and Migaloo communities, connecting with a vast network of like-minded innovators and enthusiasts.

  3. Tap into liquidity, exposing their token and utility to diverse blockchain ecosystems and increasing the growth potential.

  4. Enjoy premium access to vertical integrations in partner projects, which can help expand their reach and capabilities.

  5. Leverage the knowledge and network of a veteran team for guidance on technical integrations, public relations, tokenomics, and scaling strategies, providing a solid foundation for success.

  6. Potentially use Migaloo Alliance to bootstrap liquidity and activity, provided it benefits WHALE token holders, ensuring continued support and value for the community.

Commit to a Thriving Ecosystem

To join the White Whale RIDE Program, projects must commit to supporting the Migaloo ecosystem. We understand that every project and community is unique. Hence, no “one-size-fits-all” solution exists, and custom-tailored agreements are essential for each participant. However, as an example, projects could consider the following:

  • Airdropping to WHALE stakers on Migaloo, directly rewarding loyal supporters.

  • Allocating percentages of their revenue to buyback WHALE tokens, either burning them or distributing them to WHALE stakers or liquid staked WHALE bonders, further enhancing the token’s value.

  • Bootstrapping liquidity through (perpetual) incentives or protocol-owned-liquidity, creating a sustainable liquidity model.

  • Designating Migaloo as their central hub, i.e., the home of their Token and Decentralized Autonomous Organization, reinforcing the importance of Migaloo as a vital component in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Embrace the Future of Blockchain

The White Whale RIDE Program empowers projects to expand their ambitions and embrace the Interchain, all while backed by the support of the White Whale team, its partners, and the community. Early adoption of a multi-chain approach provides a competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving industry, positioning projects at the forefront of innovation. By participating in the RIDE Program, projects can unlock new opportunities and ensure a more secure and interconnected future in the blockchain space.

Get Involved Today

To learn more about the White Whale RIDE Program or to participate, reach out to the White Whale team through any preferred contact channel. Take the first step towards building a more innovative and resilient ecosystem with the White Whale RIDE Program.

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