SAIL Program

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Blockchain communities seek strategies to escalate their growth in an increasingly multi-chain world while ensuring sustainability and resilience. Inspired by the success of the RIDE Program, a new initiative called the White Whale SAIL Program is here to bridge the gap for blockchain ecosystems. The essence of the SAIL Program is to provide ecosystems with access to essential applications, communities, and liquidity to jumpstart their hyper-growth.

Existing Challenges

New blockchain ecosystems often face several challenges, including creating a solid community, ensuring liquidity, and offering essential DeFi and NFT applications. Building and maintaining all these elements in-house can be resource-intensive and hinder competitive edge as the landscape evolves swiftly. Furthermore, attracting or contracting external teams to build these applications takes time and does not guarantee timely delivery or success. The SAIL Program, built on the foundation of the White Whale RIDE Program, offers blockchain communities a robust support system.

Why Choose the SAIL Program?

The SAIL Program offers a windfall of opportunities to unlock the full potential of blockchain ecosystems. Here’s how the SAIL Program propels your blockchain to the next level:

  1. Access the RIDE Group: Gain priority access to RIDE participants deploying their products on your chain.

  2. White Whale: Its Migaloo blockchain is permissionless and the first to utilize alliances for cross-chain staking. Already live on five mainnets — Injective, Terra, Juno, Comdex, and Chihuahua, the White Whale Protocol includes a DEX, flash loans, and arbitrage/liquidation systems.

  3. Backbone Labs: Owns the leading NFT marketplace on Terra and the number one Skeleton Punks collection. It also has a P2P trading platform for NFTs and a Liquid-staking protocol live on four chains.

  4. Eris Protocol: Offers liquid staking on seven chains and supports various DeFi automation strategies.

  5. Raccoon: Has the leading NFT marketplace on Chihuahua and games and gambling apps on three chains.

  6. Swift Deployments: Forget empty promises and the risk of failed or delayed deployments. The RIDE group can deploy its entire product suite within weeks, giving your blockchain a competitive advantage by rapidly expanding its capabilities.

  7. Community Expansion: Attract a vast and diverse community of like-minded users, investors, innovators, and projects from all corners of the blockchain space.

  8. Liquidity and Activity: Facilitate deeper on-chain liquidity and heightened activity within your blockchain ecosystem by offering attractive applications.

  9. Streamlined Token Listing: Elevate your token’s visibility and accessibility by capitalizing on the opportunity to list it on any of White Whale’s satellite markets and potentially on Migaloo as an Alliance asset.

  10. Cross-Chain support: The RIDE Group’s commitment continues beyond any single blockchain. We will utilize our entire cross-chain application and professional network to bring utility and success to your ecosystem.

How to Join the SAIL Program?

Joining the SAIL Program is a commitment to integrating the strengths of the RIDE Group within your blockchain ecosystem. Understanding the uniqueness of each blockchain, SAIL emphasizes the importance of custom-tailored agreements. Steps to embark on this journey could include:

  • Grant: Facilitate the RIDE group’s development by providing a grant, creating financial alignment, and ensuring ongoing support for the ecosystem’s success.

  • Community-Owned Liquidity: Contribute community-owned liquidity for liquid staking tokens of Backbone Labs and Eris Protocol on the White Whale DEX, kickstarting the newly built economy.

  • Liquidity Incentives: Provide incentives on the White Whale DEX, drawing liquidity to strategic on-chain pools.

  • Joint Marketing Efforts: Engage in collaborative marketing endeavors to magnify visibility and outreach.

  • RIDE Group Token Utility: Fortify the RIDE Group in your ecosystem by providing token utility, such as listing the WHALE token on your blockchain’s native lending market.

Sail Toward Success with SAIL

Chart a course for unbridled growth with SAIL. Tap into a reservoir of applications, community, and expertise today to steer your blockchain project into uncharted waters of success. To learn more or participate, contact us through your preferred channel and take the first step in crafting an innovative and vibrant ecosystem.

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